CeBIT Digital Marketing Arena 2017 is exploring the Next Disruption in Marketing, Sales & Service!

It’s been now three weeks that we have announced next year’s CeBIT Digital Marketing Arena on this blog in our German posts. As CeBIT is international the CeBIT Digital Marketing Arena is international as well – not in all details but certainly with a good number of discussions. Therefore it’s about time to also start the English coverage for the 2017 show and to give you a preview on the topics for next year’s conference.

The CeBIT Digital Marketing Arena is the place to go to at CeBIT when you are interested in the digital transformation of marketing, sales and services. It’s conference on the exhibition floor in hall 5 with two stages, a mix of talks and discussions on each exhibition day, a special exhibition and a networking area. The key focus of the conference is to explore the challenges and practical recommendation on how to master the digital transformation from a marketing, sales and service perspective – starting with the establishment of a customer experience thinking within the organisation, putting the customer journey at the beginning of all activities, and exploring the disruptive implications that the advancing automation and the introduction of smart and self-learning systems (aka AI and Cognitive Systems) are bringing to these process divisions.

Exploring the Disruptive Concepts for the Digital Age of the Customer

The theme for this year’s CeBIT Digital Marketing Arena is „Disruptive Concepts for the Digital Age of the Customer“ – this emphasizes once more the key angle of Marketing, Sales and Service in the digital age: It’s all about the customer! Putting the customer in the center of all business activities is the directive but still not the reality in today’s organizational thinking. While changing towards a customer-centric perspective is already a big challenge, experts in this field already claim that customer centricity is not enough – companies need to be customer-obsessed.

Taking five years of data from Forrester’s Customer Experience Index, the analyst at Forrester see the need of „customer-obsessed operating model“ that is „customer-led“ but also „insights-driven“ (aka data driven), „connected“ (aka digital) and „fast“ (aka in realtime). Technology is a core enabler of this approach and needs to be embraced and mastered – not by IT but by Marketing, Sales and Services.

Customer-obsessed operating model

At the CeBIT Digital Marketing Arena we will discuss the challenges and practical recommendations for transforming Marketing, Sales and Service towards approaches for the digital age of the customer. We will explore the enabling factors of technology as well as discuss the challenges for strategies and processes that come with the paradigm shift.

Second Wave of Disruption at the Doorstep

While the paradigm shift towards a strategic thinking in line with the customer experience directive has still be realized in many companies, there is already a second wave of disruption is already emerging. The foundation of this disruption builds on the „pervasive connectivity“ that „leads to an explosion of ever richer and personalized data, which creates entirely new opportunities for new ways to process that data and extract valuable and actionable insights„. The result is the emergent power of artificial intelligence and machine learning that are enabling new ways of analyzing data, exploring new relations and structures in customer data – on the top of „big data“, in realtime and automated.

This provides both new chances and possibilities for even better customer-centric interactions as well as the potential for the smart automation of processes – and is seen as the next wave of disruption. New keywords like „chatbots“, „cognitive marketing“, „conversational interfaces“ have already entered the discussions here, but still need further exploration.

AI-Powered Business Applications

The CeBIT Digital Marketing Arena will provide first insights on the potentials of this second wave of disruption for Marketing, Sales, and Service. We will discuss the building blocks of these trends and provide critical discussions for the alignment of existing strategies to these new approaches.

In the coming weeks we will provide more information about the agenda and first speakers of the conference (for the moment our website is still mainly in German!). If you are interested in actively taking part at the conference – do not hesitate to contact us for inquiries for speaking, participations in our exhibition or sponsorships. Besides that we have already opened our registration at

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