CeBIT Digital Marketing & Experience Arena – the new Marketing Technology Event at CeBIT!

The CeBIT Digital Marketing & Experience Arena is a conference and networking area on the digital transformation of marketing, sales, and service at CeBIT 2016. At the heart a five-day conference offers a variety of keynotes, expert discussions and practices talks on recent trends and changes in the field of marketing, sales & customer service. Key topics are the changes that derive from the digitalization of customers and markets for marketing, sales and service.

Furthermore the Digital Marketing & Experience Arena @ CeBIT is also a networking opportunity for marketing, sales and service professionals as well as exhibition spot on solutions for Digital Marketing, Web Content Management & Digital Experience, CRM & Marketing Operations, E-Mail-Marketing & Marketing Automation as well as Digital Customer Service.

The conference agenda is turning around some key trends that mainly shape the future of digital marketing, marketing operations and digital customer service.

From Customer Experience to Customer Intelligence & Customer Engagement

The main topic of conference’s discussions is the new importance of customer experience. With the widely digitalized customer there is a necessity for companies to invest in customer experience as satisfactory characteristic of the market offering as well as „extra“ added value that distinguish the brand and offering from the rest of the competition.

With the customer experience as the new imperative for all customer-facing activity there are even more challenges to face and to align with. First – as the digitalized customer is nowadays permanently „online“ with the opportunity to access digital ressources at his/her fingertips and include this into his/her opinion making and decision making each touch point of the customer journey needs to provide a highly customized customer experience.

This leads to the importance to have better insights about the customer types in general and the individual customers in particular. A new kind of customer intelligence on all levels is demanded – to determine the reaction to customer demands today and – by predictive methods – for tomorrow.

Infinite Loop Model for Understanding Customer Experience Challenges by Luis Melo

Infinite Loop Model for Understanding Customer Experience Challenges by Luis Melo

While  the better intelligence is one part of the equation for the future of customer orientated marketing, sales and service, the right interaction with the customer is the second. How to engage with the customer the right way along the customer journey, the different touch points and customer lifecycle situations? The right answer to this is highly valuable for the long-term success of companies – and equally difficults to answer for all companies and industries. Still the CeBIT Digital Marketing & Experience Arena tries to explore the key challenges and recommendations to advance this topic.

From Data-Driveness to Empathicness & Relevance

On a second dimension the mastery of customer experience, customer intelligence and customer engagement needs a new approach on the operational level. While the better customer intelligence needs improved data collection and data analytics processed – the engagement part needs a fundamental change in mindset.

Customer Experience Trends by Temkin GroupData driveness is a trend that already is being discussed quite some time. But brought to the operational level of applying data driven interactions and processes in digital platforms, digital communications and sales processes, the subject still needs some more exploration.

But as said – while a better insight on the customer’s need is valuable the way of bringing this insights into action is critical to the success of all of this. And for the application there are recent discussion about the importance of „empathetic approaches“ to marketing, sales and service in order to create more emotional involvement and engagement with the brand.


The CeBIT Digital Marketing & Experience Arena provides a platform for discussions on the variety of changes and challenges for the organisation of processes and activities in marketing, sales and service to align with these trends.

In the advance to the conference and event we will try to explore these topics more in depth in the following months. Therefore stay tuned!

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