Web Experience Arena – what’s this fuzz about Digital Experience?

With the launch of our English website I would also like to make a short introduction of the idea and concept of the Web Experience Arena to all those non-German speaking people out there.

The Web Experience Arena is a conference, networking and exhibition space in Hall 4 of CeBIT 2015. At the heart of Web Experience Arena there is a big conference stage with a two-day conference about the challenges and insights to the approach of the digital experience and the transformation of marketing that goes along with it. While the conference and exhibition is publically accessible you need a VIP pass to be able to enter the networking and catering space of the area.

Digital Experience as enabler for engagement and conversion

The topic of digital experience and the whole technological enablement behind it is a big trend at the moment. Different aspects are emphasizing the importances of this new approach digital experience: First of all the digitalized customer who is very much influenced by the digital space. The concept of the „Zero Moment of Truth“ where the dices are thrown to decided over the good or bad perception of a product offering is mainly happening now in the digital world. Relevant information in the right moment of time and the right format are important levers for the basic informational satisfaction of the prospect.

ZMOT Concept

Going beyond this basic informational satisfaction it’s the special digital experiences while searching, consuming and sharing information as well as interacting and „processing“ with the company’s digital outlet that provides a further unique selling proposition for the customer in a saturized and equated global market where nearly every product and brand is exchangeable. In this digitalized world the digital experience is becoming more and more the competitive advantage – as the brand value has been for a very long time. Some brand marketers even say that nowadays the brand values must be confirmed with a superior digital experience.

Last but not least this leads towards the digital transformation of the whole marketing approach – with a more digitalized approach to the customer – more individualized to his and her needs, more service and experience orientated, more adjusted to the specific context of the customer’s situation and so on. Many different challenges have to be solved with a more customer-orientated approach.

Digital Experience as a holistic marketing tech play along the customer journey

With this in mind the approach to digital experience needs a new thinking in regards to the strategic planning as well as to the whole technological implementation. First of all the strategic planning has to be rethought alongside the idea of the customer journey. The digitalized customer is not the one-shop customer but he/she is using different devices and touchpoints at the same time to gather different information and engage into different interactions. So the heart of the strategic digital experience planning is the analysis and mapping of the different customer touchpoints in a holistic customer journey – including digital and analog interactions.

In order to come up with a good solution to fulfill the customer demands of the different touch points and interactions the strategic planning of the digital experience must be done by an interdisciplinary team. It’s neither only the task of the „web guys“ from the communications department or the IT – as digital has evolved into all areas. And even in the „digital department“ the approach to digital must be „interdisciplinary“ and include all of the combinded forces in regards to the user experience design, the informational architecture, the content strategy, the digital customer marketing & campaigning as well as the conversion optimization.

To meet these new challenges of the individualized and contextual approach of the digital experience the whole digital marketing needs a new thinking in terms of the digital infrastructure and the technological landscape it is depending on. Systems of record that are managing static content, monolithic infrastructures for different interaction channels as well as decoupled customer information systems are not supporting the digital experience approach. The marketing tech needs to be revised and set for the agile and integrative demands of the digital age.

Web Experience Arena @ CeBIT is the place to go to!

With the Web Experience Arena and its conference as well as networking offering we are trying to establish a space for this interdisciplinary discussion on the new challenges and approaches of the digital experience and marketing tech at CeBIT. Though the discussions are well going beyond the focus of the web – the naming of the conference and area is not – because many companies are still at the beginning of this journey and not yet fully digitally driven.

The conference on March 19 & 20 includes many key people of the German and international though leading space for digital experience. Furthermore it is supported by some key players in the German market like Coremedia, Imperia, Oracle, IBM, Sitecore and Adobe. We are very much looking forward to the discussions and are welcoming you to participate in the diverse sessions and discussions – some many in German but also some in English.

Book your conference or VIP pass (including the access for the networking) now!

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